Why Not All Woman Have Morning Sickness? Comment

Is nausea and gag in the beginning of the pregnant period which called as morning sickness have been have experienced by pregnant mother in first trimester? Why not every akun Sbobet women have experienced with that? Morning sickness have experienced by about 70 percents of pregnant mother which about 30 percents women will get the […]

Three Symptoms That Low Back Pain Cause By Herniated Nucleus Pulposus Comment

Every adult should ever experience low back pain. However, not all low back pain cause by Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. Generally low back pain is cause by stiffness of the muscle and can be recovered by itself. According to doctor Muki Partono, SP. OT from Pondok Indah Group Hospital, to identify the low back pain have […]

Women Have Risk To Infertility If Have Make Love With More Than 10 Different Men Comment

Pelvic inflammatory disease which influence women fertility will be occurred three times to the women who have ever make love with more than 10 different men. The expert have warned, women who have ever sexual intercourse with more than 10 different men have higher chance to get the infertility disorders which is pelvic inflammatory disease […]

Sleep Wholeday For Get Cure From Flu Is Not True, Why? Comment

When infected by flue with fever, generally we only want to lying in bed. Sleep wholeday when flu isnot the good solutions for fasten the recovery but only worsen for health. We have recommended for have enough rest when body unfit due to flu or fever. However, there is not mean that we are prohibited […]

Increase Men’s Vitality With Almond Comment

Almond peanuts have been long time have been included into the healthy snack list. Now there are add another benefits especially for men. According to the writer of The Testosterone Factor: A Practical Guide To Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally, Shafiq Qaadri, almond peanuts have presume as the symbol of men sexual organ and fertility. […]

The 4 Most Painful Cancers Comment

In medic, there are more than 100 types of cancer according the location of the cancer cell grow inside human body. Cancer have been frequently cause the pain for its patients. The symptoms varied depending on many factors like cancer location, the cause and some of treatment type is also can cause side effects which […]