This Designer Don’t Want Her Creation Wear By Melanie Trump Comment

Few weeks after Donald Trump have been elected as the President of United States of America and automatically his wife, Melania Trump will become the First Lady of United States of America. Mode and fashion world in United States looks like cooldown without any comments. However, one fashion designer have give statement lately and said […]

Uniglo Release Newest Heattech, The Warm Clothes With Argan Oil Comment

Incoming for fall and winter, Uniqlo have released the newest product from Heattech series which is Ultra Warm Heattech. This newest products is the perfection from previous two series Heattech Reguler and Extra Warm. Ultra Warm claimed as the warmest products in the Heattect Uniqlo history. The Ultra Warm have capability to warmer the body […]

Using Casual Clothes To Office Can Influence Working Mood Comment

The expertise and quality of work from the employee is can’t rated according to their fashion style and along with their appearance every day in office. This is cause by, the fashion style of the employee have been influence by the company rules and cultures. However, there still many company allow their employee to use […]

Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid Have Dominated For Best Model in 2016 Comment

One the the most prestigious award in mode industry, The Fashion Awards will be held in this December 2016. The event which held by British Fashion Councils, in its early time have named as British Fashion Awards but have change into Fashion Awards for having more widely viewers like international viewer. The even will be […]

Tips For Treat Cloth Which Made From Spandex Material Comment

Sometimes, we have obey tips and tricks in treat our clothes. After washed and ironed, we have presume our job is done. In fact that we need more knowledge in treat the clothes especially for clothes which made from unordinary material like spandex. The famous material which known as comfortable material because stretch when used […]

What The Women Clothes Which Most Attractive For Men? Comment

In the beginning, the introducing of legging pants have functioned as underwear. However, with the development, legging pants have became one of clothes which frequently wear by women like jeans and ordinary pants. The comfortable and enjoy feel which gain by using legging pants have made this pans as one of most favorite pants for […]