Why Not All Woman Have Morning Sickness? Comment

Is nausea and gag in the beginning of the pregnant period which called as morning sickness have been have experienced by pregnant mother in first trimester? Why not every akun Sbobet women have experienced with that?

Morning sickness have experienced by about 70 percents of pregnant mother which about 30 percents women will get the pregnant period comfortable without any nausea or gag problem. “There are few women who have morning sickness while some not experienced that. Few women have experienced when their first pregnant but when the second pregnant there not experienced that,” said Marra Francis, OBGYN doctor in Texas who also the writer of Mommy MD Guides book.

Morning sickness have appear because the increasing of few hormone especially the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG. Pregnant mother will have get the increase of hCG, estrogen and few other hormone in their first trimester.

The increase of the hormone is occur very fast in the beginning of the pregnant period and hCG have agen Sbobet increase two times every week in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. In the second trimester, the hormone still increase but in the level which can be handled by body.

To women who not have any gag or nausea there can become the signal of the low hormone rate in their body. The condition can increase the risk of miscarriage although not all have ended with that.

“If not have morning sickness, there not meat the hormone rate is abnormal, that can be also due to the body is able to tolerate with pregnancy better,” said Francis. Although nausea and gag have occurred in pregnancy which at 8-14 weeks but there are women who don’t disappear after give birth. Every women and pregnancy is very unique and different.

If you are lucky because not have experienced morning sickness, you just can enjoyed because you have judi Sbobet possibility to get through hard period in pregnancy. Keep consume healthy food and don’t forget to check your pregnancy routinely.

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