Three Symptoms That Low Back Pain Cause By Herniated Nucleus Pulposus Comment

Every adult should ever experience low back pain. However, not all low back pain cause by Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. Generally low back pain is cause by stiffness of the muscle and can be recovered by itself.

According to doctor Muki Partono, SP. OT from Pondok Indah Group Hospital, to identify the low back pain have indicated to herniated nucleus pulposus there require the examination and evaluation. But, at least there are three symptoms which can be sign of herniated nucleus pulposus.

“People with HNP generally have there own characteristic like feeling low back pain when doing certain activity. That pain can be spread from waist to leg or the pain can spread to knee. If the ordinary low pack pain can be recovered quicker, but the herniated nucleus pulposus would lasting for long time,” said doctor Muki.

Doctor Muki have stated that when feeling those signs then there are very recommended to start consult with doctor because if not getting proper treatment, there would disturb our activity and the worst is cause disability.

Herniated Nucleus Pulposus occur because the pressure into nerve system especially in the area around waist or neck. This pressure have cause the core projection in drives which become the pad of the bone and in the end is pressing our nerve.

The treatment for herniated nucleus pulposus is not always apply with surgery. It can be done with conservative therapy like sleep above hard mattress, physiotherapy and exercise, getting pain killer, getting medicine through injection, radiofrequency and laser technology.

“There are admitted, Indonesia people is afraid to get surgery. If there are other options, there will choose other options. Now there are percutaneous laser disc decompression which in my opinion are more effective from radiofrequency,” said doctor Muki.

He also said that the laser therapy if the pain have spread from waist into leg, the reflex of the tendon have decreased, fail in conservative therapy for 6 weeks or the herniated nucleus pulposus patients have above 50 years old.

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