Women Have Risk To Infertility If Have Make Love With More Than 10 Different Men Comment

Pelvic inflammatory disease which influence women fertility will be occurred three times to the women who have ever make love with more than 10 different men. The expert have warned, women who have ever sexual intercourse with more than 10 different men have higher chance to get the infertility disorders which is pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. PID is the disease which infected fallopian tube, uterus, cervix and pelvic.

According to the researcher, PID can cause infertility and abdominal pain. PID is also potential to cause ectopic gestation. Beside about women who have sexual intercourse with many men, The Center of Disease Controlling have found women who have started sexual intercourse before 12 years old have chance eight times for developed that disease.

Beside that PID patients, women who have a lot of sexual mate have more risk to infected by infectious sexual disease. For that, all researcher have concluded that there are very importat for women to practice the safe sexual, don’t have a lot of sexual mate and have routine examination for women who actively have sexual intercourse.

The PID Symptoms have come in pain on the abdominal, fever, pain or bleeding when sexual intercourse, pain when peeing and the last is bleeding not in menstruation period. If diagnose earlier, PID can be treated but for the damage in reproduction system by PID can be recovered back.

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