How Long The Sleep Time That Women Need To Keep Their Skin? Comment

For gain the beautiful skin, you not only can hope from the various of cosmetic product application but there are something you need to do in your lifestyle. One of that is having a enough sleeping time like what have been told by dermatologist, Dr Kardiana Purnama Dewi, SpKK.

“The most ideal time for sleep is eight to ten hours per day,” said Dr Dewi. She continues, most of the people in Jakarta, generally can’t have enough sleeping time. This is cause by there are ton of activity outside their house which need to do everyday.

“So, if you have sleep about six till eight hours every day that still enough, as long as it have been take continuously,” said Dr Dewi. That time should be spend continuously every night. Due to sleep in night is different with sleep in daylight.

Dr Dewi have explained that we can’t change our sleeping time in night to daylight easily.

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