Sleep Wholeday For Get Cure From Flu Is Not True, Why? Comment

When infected by flue with fever, generally we only want to lying in bed. Sleep wholeday when flu isnot the good solutions for fasten the recovery but only worsen for health.

We have recommended for have enough rest when body unfit due to flu or fever. However, there is not mean that we are prohibited akun poker to move and choose not to get up from bed. Sleeping too much when sick can trigger more disease

Dr Erich P Voigt, MD, a Otolaryngologist have explain that having a lot of rest is not mean you should be sleep wholeday and have not any activity. Walking for a while or doing any light activity like taking drink ourselves or up and down stairs still can be do.

Those activities can help mucus inside our respiratory easier to spill out and prevent the mucus have clogged agen poker our nostril for long time. The reason is mucus in nose or throat should be spill out to make us can breath easily and sleeping wholeday won’t help a lot.

“The mucus should be spill out when have flue, if sleeping continuously without moving, the mucus will gather in chest which can trigger bronchitis,” said Dr Erich. He also explain when we don’t have breath properly and moving, our lung function will decrease and have atelectasis. Atelectasis is shrinkage from lung partly or completely due to the clog of respiratory.

If this condition continue, it can trigger the cumulation of liquid in lung which can cause pneumonia. Not only judi poker lungs problem, another health problem is also can have if you have sleep wholeday when flu.

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