8 Weeks After Give Birth Twins, This Woman Body Have Back Slim Comment

A writer of lifestyle and nutrition expert, Sophie Guidolin looks like not need to waiting for long time to get back her body shape which have stretched after give birth twin baby. It is cause by in two months time, Guidolin’s body have return back to slim and tight like woman who never pregnant.

Guidolin have said when she have pregnant, her weight is raise about 18 kilos. The number which is relatively small for woman who pregnant twin baby. Have training routinely and keeping the food calories become the secret from that four children mother who come from Australia.

However, when she have in end pregnant period, she still keeping training to carry the heavy equipment which surprised her 248 Instagram Followers. Now, Guidolin have create a new surprise because she successful to get back his body shape after give birth for twin baby named Evie and Aria through cesareans.

“I have keeping training but with lower intensity than I am not pregnant,” said Guidolin. “I don’t feel shame with my body shape and my works for keeping it. I have stretchmark and surgery marks in my body but I am proud with it,” write Guidolin in her personal Instagram.

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