Revealed, The Secret From One Of The Most Beautiful Woman To Stay Young Comment

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the best model from famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret and ever be crowned as one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Ambrosio have still dominate the modeling in her thirties have admit that she don’t have any complicated treatment to keep her beauty.
Revealed, The Secret From One Of The Most Beautiful Woman To Stay Young
“Motoku is forever vacation. That is my lifestyle. I always trying all natural and organic treatments,” expalin Ambrosio. She even said that the way have make her to stay away from filter in Instagram to make her photos looks younger.

“I have obsessed with the natural skin treatment. The vitamin C treatment is my secret. I have all skin treatment in mini size because my jobs have demanded me to get travel for far place and only give my little time to prepare my treatment,” said Ambrosio.

Then, Ambrosio said in past she not like so much to use sun block when in twenties and due to that, right now she have little regret. “Now, I always using sun block to prevent and ease the black spot in face,” said her.

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