This Designer Don’t Want Her Creation Wear By Melanie Trump Comment

Few weeks after Donald Trump have been elected as the President of United States of America and automatically his wife, Melania Trump will become the First Lady of United States of America. Mode and fashion world in United States looks like cooldown without any comments.
This Designer Don't Want Her Creation Wear By Melanie Trump
However, one fashion designer have give statement lately and said she unwilling her creation used by Melanie. This designer is Sophia Theallet who one of favorite designer from Michelle Obama. In her statement which send using e-mail, Theallet have said her business is family business and they main purpose is not only about money. We have appreciate the freedom of arts and keep trying to contribute humane and ethical to world.

The woman who born in France at 1964 have become United States immigrant have write that she have proud her creation used by Michelle. “The value. everything she do and gracefulness have touch me deeply,” said Sophia praise Michelle.

In otherside, about Melania, Theallet said she won’t get involve in prettify the wife from someone who have speak about racist, sexist and xenofobist. “As someone who proud with difference, individual freedom and respect to all living style, I won’t participate in prettify or associated in everything which related with next First Lady.

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