Increase Men’s Vitality With Almond Comment

Almond peanuts have been long time have been included into the healthy snack list. Now there are add another benefits especially for men.

According to the writer of The Testosterone Factor: A Practical Guide To Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally, Shafiq Qaadri, almond peanuts have presume as the symbol of men sexual organ and fertility.
Almond have contain zinc, selenium and Vitamin E. All of that minerals and vitamins are very important for reproduction and sexual healthiness. Selenium can help for men fertility while Vitamin E can help for heart healthiness.

Zinc is also play a major role because it produce the men’s sex hormone which would be increase libido. Beside that, almond also have contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acid or good acid which will increase the flow of blood to sex organs. This Fatty acid is also contain arginine amino acid which will help to increase the relaxation into vein and improve blood distribution.

“For my opinion, the most thing we appreciated in this last 10-15 years are men sex live have related directly with how good the men health especially vein,” said Dr Steven Lamm from NYU Langone Medical Center.

Almond have increased the health healthiness and blood veins together with decrease cholesterol rate. Almond have the fat but have categorize as polyunsaturated fat which protect blood veins. This almond fat ia as good as omega 3 fat acid in fish which can protect blood veins.

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