Uniglo Release Newest Heattech, The Warm Clothes With Argan Oil Comment

Incoming for fall and winter, Uniqlo have released the newest product from Heattech series which is Ultra Warm Heattech. This newest products is the perfection from previous two series Heattech Reguler and Extra Warm. Ultra Warm claimed as the warmest products in the Heattect Uniqlo history.

The Ultra Warm have capability to warmer the body three time faster that Heattech Reguler and 1,5 times faster that Extra Warm. The product agen Sbobet claimed to be suit during cold climate or have outdoor activity in extreme place like hiking in snowy mountain or skiing.
Uniglo Release Newest Heattech, The Warm Clothes With Argan Oil
“Ultra Warm is thicker than previous two Heattech products. The fiber in the clothes is also more solid and having three layers which make it thicker,” said Diah Ayu Eka Aswidianti, The Marketing from Uniqlo Indonesia.

Beside this collection, Uniqlo is also added Argan Oil to the clothes fiber to produce the softer material and can be dampen our skin when used. Ayu have also explain that Argan oil quality in Heattech won’t be decrease even it have been cleaned many times.

“When cold weather, skin would be drier. By adding Argan oil, the skin would be more dampen when the clothes is used. Beside that the clothes judi Sbobet texture is softer and quite comfortable to used,” said Ayu

The Argan oil is also available in other Heattech products, like Heattech reguler and Heattech Extra Warm. For Ultra Warm, there are available T-Shirt variant, sweat shirt and legging. Meanwhile, the other Heattech series have more varied starting fom T-Shirt, shorts, turtle neck t-shirt, legging, camisole and jogger.

Heattech is also one of the main products from Uniqlo which utilize the natural hot temperature in our body to warming. The product have been woven using special technique. More activity we have done, the effect would be more maximize.

“The sweat which out from our body can create humidity and from the humidity it can continue change into heat. And air from outside can help the user akun Sbobet to retain the heat to not out,” said Ayu.

The newest Heattech from Uniqlo is also equipped with anti order and elastic fabric feature which make it not easy to expand. The Heattech Ultra Warm collection have available in all Uniqlo outlet in Indonesia with price Rp 399.000.

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