Using Casual Clothes To Office Can Influence Working Mood Comment

The expertise and quality of work from the employee is can’t rated according to their fashion style and along with their appearance every day in office. This is cause by, the fashion style of the employee have been influence by the company rules and cultures.

However, there still many company allow their employee to use casual clothes, but there is better if the employee have keeping the formal touch as the reminder that the employee is a professional. According to study from Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, two professor, Adam Hajo and Adam D Galinsky have said that clothes for fashion choice is a way or how we can appreciate ourselves.
Using Casual Clothes To Office Can Influence Working Mood
According the examination from both of professor, they have found out that respondent who have using lab coat have receive positive respond from environment around the university. Then, when they have use t-shirt and slippers, the environmental around them is not give enough good respond like the first respondent who use coat.

The finding is not only apply for profession like doctor or researcher but also apply in every profession in this world. Galinsky have said that using casual clothes can make someone to not force themselves enough to working well.

The result is the condition can influence their work rate which decrease continuously because they have presume the job is not their main responsibility.

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