Tips How To Make Up Your Eyebrow According Its Shape Comment

Eyebrow have become one of part which get a lot of attention from many women in make up. The perfect shape of eyebrow can give more dimensionless and symmetrical face. But not little women which have difficulty in make up they eyebrow because the different shape between left and right side. If you are one of them, there there are few tips for make up eyebrow according to its shape,

1. Uneven Growth Eyebrow Hair
Brow Stylist Kristie Streicher have said that eyebrow shape like this should be painted with thin scratch. The result should be better if you use angled brush or brush with sloping flat. “Used angled brush and brow powder. Scratch the thin lines in eyebrow which rarely growth with hair. Then apply the brow mascara for having more even color,” said Kristie.
Tips How To Make Up Your Eyebrow According Its Shape
2. Unclear Eyebrow Curves
If the curves is unclear, Kristie have recommended to tidy up the eyebrow on below part for create the higher eyebrow illusion. Use powder brow on below part of the eyebrow from end point till other side then let it blend. After that apply the concealer thinly under eyebrow then use transparent brow gel.

3. Rarely Eyebrow Hair
Eyebrow have rarely hair can be make up by using brow powder and mascara gel. The method is only by apply the brow powder to rarely eyebrow hair and brush the mascara gel to tidy up eyebrow.

4. Thick Eyebrow Hair
The owner of thick eyebrow hair can be proud with themselves because there is not very difficult to make up it. The option is eyebrow pencils which have similar color with hair color. Then, scratch thinly to make it even. After that use tinted brow gel to make eyebrow looks thicker and natural.

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