Tips For Treat Cloth Which Made From Spandex Material Comment

Sometimes, we have obey tips and tricks in treat our clothes. After washed and ironed, we have presume our job is done. In fact that we need more knowledge in treat the clothes especially for clothes which made from unordinary material like spandex.

The famous material which known as comfortable material because stretch when used is need to be treated very well for preventing the spandex judi poker from stretching too much. This is the few ways to treat spandex properly,
Tips For Treat Cloth Which Made From Spandex Material
1. Don’t Brushed
Avoid to brush the clothes with spandex material, although your clothes have stain like lipstick or coffee. There is revealed by Putri Aulia Dermawan who is the alumnus from Politeknik Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Tekstil, Bandung, spandex would furry if brushed. “If there are a stain, then you can apply the liquid detergent soap in the stain and soak the clothes for between 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse. The stain would be disappear and the clothes. This method is more safely than using brush,” said Putri.

2. Avoid Using Softener
Beside detergent, softener and clothes fragrances have become the ordinary item which frequently we used when washing or clothes. But in reality, the situs poker softener and clothes fragrances is not recommended to apply on clothes with spandex. “There are chemical element in softener and clothes fragrance which can settle down in the clothes and make the clothes dull faster.

3. For Clothes Not Stretching Too Much
For spandex material not stretching too much, you should know how to washed and keep the clothes. The first is how to washed the clothes which prohibited to smack down into floor or washing board. There is also apply in drying clothes and keeping it which prohibited hang up because it can stretching down.

4. Avoid Ironed The Spandex Clothes
There is better if the spandex clothes is not ironed because it can wrinkle. According Putri, the advantage from spandex clothes akun poker because it is not too easy for crumpled so it is not require to be ironed.

“Spandex material is a plastic, if it exposed by heat it can wrinkle. If there is crumpled then you can ironed it with lowest heat iron or using steam iron,” said Putri.

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