The Reason Why Bath Foam Need To Be Rinse After Used Comment

For many women, bath foam is not a strange item. Many women have presumed that bath foam can help you clean our body more maximum. However, there need to know judi togel that bath foam is the fertile farm for bacteria to grow and activity.

“Bath foam is very popular as the bathing additional equipment which designed to refresh our body skin,” said the writer of the research which published in Journal of Clinical Microbiology. However, the bath foam which rubbed into our skin can cause the dead cell of our skin can get caught inside the foam. Then, if the foam togel Singapura is keep in the warm and humid place, the bacteria can growth fast.
The Reason Why Bath Foam Need To Be Rinse After Used
The dermatologist, Dr Stefanie Williams have recommended you don’t ever use foam bath. “My recommendation is choose the good body soap along with using hand,” said Stefanie. In other side, Birnur Aral, PhD, the Director of Health, Beauty and Environmental Science Lab in Good Housekeeping Institute have contend that bath foam is not bad.

“Bath foam have give a lot of air to soap and have its technology to work well. The foam will become dirty and greasy if have using too long but you can replace it when have bad smell,” said Birnur Aral.

If you can’t remove the bath foam, there are few tips you can use to treat it for prevent the bacteria grown in the foam. The first is rinse the foam every time you have used it. Then, get dried the foam in bright place and it is better if not place at bathroom which humid.

Then, don’t keep too long the foam because the foam must be replace every three weeks to prevent the foam not become the place which fungus will growth.

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