Have Using Deodorant But Still have Body Odor, This Is The Solutions Comment

Body odor is one of fastest way to make someone confident down sharply. One of fearsome is the reaction from people around us which feel uncomfortable with your present.

Many study and examination have been taken to revealed how to handle the body odor problem, either natural or medic. In fact that, the source of body odor is the amount of sweat produce by our body. The most efficient way is using deodorant after take a bath.
Have Using Deodorant But Still have Body Odor, This Is The Solutions
However, not little case of body odor which still spread the smell after using deodorant, what cause it?

According to Dr Alicia Barba, a dermatologist who represent Dove, few odor in deodorant is not suitable for our body. So, there are possibility those deodorants unfit fragrances with our natural aroma from our body.

Beside that, Dr Barba have also recommended to change the deodorants with antiperspirant products. This is due to antiperspirant can help to reduce the production of body sweat especially around armpit area.

“Few people is require both of deodorant and antiperspirant for stop the sweat or at least reduce it and deodorant would functioned for spread fragrances in our body,” explain Dr Barba.

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