The 4 Most Painful Cancers Comment

In medic, there are more than 100 types of cancer according the location of the cancer cell grow inside human body. Cancer have been frequently cause the pain for its patients. The symptoms varied depending on many factors like cancer location, the cause and some of treatment type is also can cause side effects which very painful.

For understanding the pain which cause by cancer, let’s we see 4 cancer which potential to be most painful cancer for patients,

  • Gastric Cancer
    Currently, Gastric cancer which attack human stomach have become one of 5 cancer type with the most detected around the world. Almost one million new case have been diagnosed every year. Gastric cancer frequently become very painful because its hidden characteristic.
    The 4 Most Painful Cancers
    Many people with gastric cancer realized that when the cancer have spread exceeded the limit from its source. The beginning symptoms have like pain in stomach and the loss of body weight. The pain is varied in every patient depending on the location of the cell spread.

    Most of time, cancer can spread into bowel and cause digestion malfunction which very painful and some of them require surgery to lighter the pain.

  • Pancreatic Cancer
    Theoretically, pancreatic cancer could spread to anywhere but the most frequently meet is spread to lymph gland and bone. The source of the pain the most frequently come from the nearest bone with prostate like pelvis, hips and below part of the back bone. Cancer can damage all those parts, cause the pain and numb which make the patient hard for walking.

    Prostate cancer is one of the cancer type which cause the condition which called as spinal cord metastatic compression. In this case, the tumor press the back bone nerve which if not treated could cause pain on the below part of human back, difficulty in urinate and numb or pins and needles around body.

  • Breast Cancer
    Breast cancer is very painful cancer. However, the pain would be worsen if it has spread to nerve system. “It is hard to describe the pain. Its like a hundreds of needles stabbing into our head,” said one of breast cancer patient in United States when interviewed at 2009.

    “Finally, I can describe the pain according with other pain which I have experience before. The pain cause by the breast cancer which spread to nerve system is like ear infection, migraine and
    tonsillitis in worst level even more than that,’ said that patient,”

  • Brain Cancer
    There is also happen in brain cancer, the pain is not stand alone. This is cause by brain don’t have any pain receptor. But, brain tumor can press the vein or nerve around brain. This is frequently cause continuously pain in head.

    Eight to 90 percents of this pain can be control with painkillers like opioid.

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