Why Not All Woman Have Morning Sickness? Comment

Is nausea and gag in the beginning of the pregnant period which called as morning sickness have been have experienced by pregnant mother in first trimester? Why not every akun Sbobet women have experienced with that?

Morning sickness have experienced by about 70 percents of pregnant mother which about 30 percents women will get the pregnant period comfortable without any nausea or gag problem. “There are few women who have morning sickness while some not experienced that. Few women have experienced when their first pregnant but when the second pregnant there not experienced that,” said Marra Francis, OBGYN doctor in Texas who also the writer of Mommy MD Guides book.

Morning sickness have appear because the increasing of few hormone especially the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG. Pregnant mother will have get the increase of hCG, estrogen and few other hormone in their first trimester.

The increase of the hormone is occur very fast in the beginning of the pregnant period and hCG have agen Sbobet increase two times every week in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. In the second trimester, the hormone still increase but in the level which can be handled by body.

To women who not have any gag or nausea there can become the signal of the low hormone rate in their body. The condition can increase the risk of miscarriage although not all have ended with that.

“If not have morning sickness, there not meat the hormone rate is abnormal, that can be also due to the body is able to tolerate with pregnancy better,” said Francis. Although nausea and gag have occurred in pregnancy which at 8-14 weeks but there are women who don’t disappear after give birth. Every women and pregnancy is very unique and different.

If you are lucky because not have experienced morning sickness, you just can enjoyed because you have judi Sbobet possibility to get through hard period in pregnancy. Keep consume healthy food and don’t forget to check your pregnancy routinely.

Three Symptoms That Low Back Pain Cause By Herniated Nucleus Pulposus Comment

Every adult should ever experience low back pain. However, not all low back pain cause by Herniated Nucleus Pulposus. Generally low back pain is cause by stiffness of the muscle and can be recovered by itself.

According to doctor Muki Partono, SP. OT from Pondok Indah Group Hospital, to identify the low back pain have indicated to herniated nucleus pulposus there require the examination and evaluation. But, at least there are three symptoms which can be sign of herniated nucleus pulposus.

“People with HNP generally have there own characteristic like feeling low back pain when doing certain activity. That pain can be spread from waist to leg or the pain can spread to knee. If the ordinary low pack pain can be recovered quicker, but the herniated nucleus pulposus would lasting for long time,” said doctor Muki.

Doctor Muki have stated that when feeling those signs then there are very recommended to start consult with doctor because if not getting proper treatment, there would disturb our activity and the worst is cause disability.

Herniated Nucleus Pulposus occur because the pressure into nerve system especially in the area around waist or neck. This pressure have cause the core projection in drives which become the pad of the bone and in the end is pressing our nerve.

The treatment for herniated nucleus pulposus is not always apply with surgery. It can be done with conservative therapy like sleep above hard mattress, physiotherapy and exercise, getting pain killer, getting medicine through injection, radiofrequency and laser technology.

“There are admitted, Indonesia people is afraid to get surgery. If there are other options, there will choose other options. Now there are percutaneous laser disc decompression which in my opinion are more effective from radiofrequency,” said doctor Muki.

He also said that the laser therapy if the pain have spread from waist into leg, the reflex of the tendon have decreased, fail in conservative therapy for 6 weeks or the herniated nucleus pulposus patients have above 50 years old.

Women Have Risk To Infertility If Have Make Love With More Than 10 Different Men Comment

Pelvic inflammatory disease which influence women fertility will be occurred three times to the women who have ever make love with more than 10 different men. The expert have warned, women who have ever sexual intercourse with more than 10 different men have higher chance to get the infertility disorders which is pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. PID is the disease which infected fallopian tube, uterus, cervix and pelvic.

According to the researcher, PID can cause infertility and abdominal pain. PID is also potential to cause ectopic gestation. Beside about women who have sexual intercourse with many men, The Center of Disease Controlling have found women who have started sexual intercourse before 12 years old have chance eight times for developed that disease.

Beside that PID patients, women who have a lot of sexual mate have more risk to infected by infectious sexual disease. For that, all researcher have concluded that there are very importat for women to practice the safe sexual, don’t have a lot of sexual mate and have routine examination for women who actively have sexual intercourse.

The PID Symptoms have come in pain on the abdominal, fever, pain or bleeding when sexual intercourse, pain when peeing and the last is bleeding not in menstruation period. If diagnose earlier, PID can be treated but for the damage in reproduction system by PID can be recovered back.

How Long The Sleep Time That Women Need To Keep Their Skin? Comment

For gain the beautiful skin, you not only can hope from the various of cosmetic product application but there are something you need to do in your lifestyle. One of that is having a enough sleeping time like what have been told by dermatologist, Dr Kardiana Purnama Dewi, SpKK.

“The most ideal time for sleep is eight to ten hours per day,” said Dr Dewi. She continues, most of the people in Jakarta, generally can’t have enough sleeping time. This is cause by there are ton of activity outside their house which need to do everyday.

“So, if you have sleep about six till eight hours every day that still enough, as long as it have been take continuously,” said Dr Dewi. That time should be spend continuously every night. Due to sleep in night is different with sleep in daylight.

Dr Dewi have explained that we can’t change our sleeping time in night to daylight easily.

Sleep Wholeday For Get Cure From Flu Is Not True, Why? Comment

When infected by flue with fever, generally we only want to lying in bed. Sleep wholeday when flu isnot the good solutions for fasten the recovery but only worsen for health.

We have recommended for have enough rest when body unfit due to flu or fever. However, there is not mean that we are prohibited akun poker to move and choose not to get up from bed. Sleeping too much when sick can trigger more disease

Dr Erich P Voigt, MD, a Otolaryngologist have explain that having a lot of rest is not mean you should be sleep wholeday and have not any activity. Walking for a while or doing any light activity like taking drink ourselves or up and down stairs still can be do.

Those activities can help mucus inside our respiratory easier to spill out and prevent the mucus have clogged agen poker our nostril for long time. The reason is mucus in nose or throat should be spill out to make us can breath easily and sleeping wholeday won’t help a lot.

“The mucus should be spill out when have flue, if sleeping continuously without moving, the mucus will gather in chest which can trigger bronchitis,” said Dr Erich. He also explain when we don’t have breath properly and moving, our lung function will decrease and have atelectasis. Atelectasis is shrinkage from lung partly or completely due to the clog of respiratory.

If this condition continue, it can trigger the cumulation of liquid in lung which can cause pneumonia. Not only judi poker lungs problem, another health problem is also can have if you have sleep wholeday when flu.

In Determine Cosmetics There Is Need To Consider Nutrition For Skin Comment

Using cosmetic have become the daily needs for every women to supporting their daily appearance. Even, there are not several women http://www.teman4d.com who feel can’t go out from their home if not have using lipstick or draw eyebrows.

As one of stuffs that frequently use, cosmetics be received more concern from women when determine which cosmetics suit for them. The point should be considered is not only color or the texture but the most important point which frequently forgot by women is the nutrition in their nutrition or other cosmetics.

Even though, the wrong products can cause the lips and skins judi togel looks dull moreover it cat damage it. “That is the real that the most important thing which I frequently recommended is if looking for the products there should be nutritious,” said Aesthetic Physician, dr Kevin A Maharis, BMedSc, DipDerm.

He continues that women are not only used cosmetics for supporting their appearance but also have choose the cosmetics that contain vitamins, anti-oxidants and emollient especially for lips. This is because, nutritious cosmetics can become additional components which help lips in perfect condition and moist although women don’t have apply.

Beside that, dr Kevin have also recommended women for choose the lipstick togel Singapura which fit with their face. So, don’t make color become the main priority because following the latest trend. “If looks not good in lips, there is better if don’t use it,” continue dr Kevin.

8 Weeks After Give Birth Twins, This Woman Body Have Back Slim Comment

A writer of lifestyle and nutrition expert, Sophie Guidolin looks like not need to waiting for long time to get back her body shape which have stretched after give birth twin baby. It is cause by in two months time, Guidolin’s body have return back to slim and tight like woman who never pregnant.

Guidolin have said when she have pregnant, her weight is raise about 18 kilos. The number which is relatively small for woman who pregnant twin baby. Have training routinely and keeping the food calories become the secret from that four children mother who come from Australia.

However, when she have in end pregnant period, she still keeping training to carry the heavy equipment which surprised her 248 Instagram Followers. Now, Guidolin have create a new surprise because she successful to get back his body shape after give birth for twin baby named Evie and Aria through cesareans.

“I have keeping training but with lower intensity than I am not pregnant,” said Guidolin. “I don’t feel shame with my body shape and my works for keeping it. I have stretchmark and surgery marks in my body but I am proud with it,” write Guidolin in her personal Instagram.

Revealed, The Secret From One Of The Most Beautiful Woman To Stay Young Comment

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the best model from famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret and ever be crowned as one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Ambrosio have still dominate the modeling in her thirties have admit that she don’t have any complicated treatment to keep her beauty.
Revealed, The Secret From One Of The Most Beautiful Woman To Stay Young
“Motoku is forever vacation. That is my lifestyle. I always trying all natural and organic treatments,” expalin Ambrosio. She even said that the way have make her to stay away from filter in Instagram to make her photos looks younger.

“I have obsessed with the natural skin treatment. The vitamin C treatment is my secret. I have all skin treatment in mini size because my jobs have demanded me to get travel for far place and only give my little time to prepare my treatment,” said Ambrosio.

Then, Ambrosio said in past she not like so much to use sun block when in twenties and due to that, right now she have little regret. “Now, I always using sun block to prevent and ease the black spot in face,” said her.

This Designer Don’t Want Her Creation Wear By Melanie Trump Comment

Few weeks after Donald Trump have been elected as the President of United States of America and automatically his wife, Melania Trump will become the First Lady of United States of America. Mode and fashion world in United States looks like cooldown without any comments.
This Designer Don't Want Her Creation Wear By Melanie Trump
However, one fashion designer have give statement lately and said she unwilling her creation used by Melanie. This designer is Sophia Theallet who one of favorite designer from Michelle Obama. In her statement which send using e-mail, Theallet have said her business is family business and they main purpose is not only about money. We have appreciate the freedom of arts and keep trying to contribute humane and ethical to world.

The woman who born in France at 1964 have become United States immigrant have write that she have proud her creation used by Michelle. “The value. everything she do and gracefulness have touch me deeply,” said Sophia praise Michelle.

In otherside, about Melania, Theallet said she won’t get involve in prettify the wife from someone who have speak about racist, sexist and xenofobist. “As someone who proud with difference, individual freedom and respect to all living style, I won’t participate in prettify or associated in everything which related with next First Lady.

Increase Men’s Vitality With Almond Comment

Almond peanuts have been long time have been included into the healthy snack list. Now there are add another benefits especially for men.

According to the writer of The Testosterone Factor: A Practical Guide To Improving Vitality and Virility, Naturally, Shafiq Qaadri, almond peanuts have presume as the symbol of men sexual organ and fertility.
Almond have contain zinc, selenium and Vitamin E. All of that minerals and vitamins are very important for reproduction and sexual healthiness. Selenium can help for men fertility while Vitamin E can help for heart healthiness.

Zinc is also play a major role because it produce the men’s sex hormone which would be increase libido. Beside that, almond also have contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acid or good acid which will increase the flow of blood to sex organs. This Fatty acid is also contain arginine amino acid which will help to increase the relaxation into vein and improve blood distribution.

“For my opinion, the most thing we appreciated in this last 10-15 years are men sex live have related directly with how good the men health especially vein,” said Dr Steven Lamm from NYU Langone Medical Center.

Almond have increased the health healthiness and blood veins together with decrease cholesterol rate. Almond have the fat but have categorize as polyunsaturated fat which protect blood veins. This almond fat ia as good as omega 3 fat acid in fish which can protect blood veins.